Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby coons & Japanese Beetles

Tue 3 Jul 2007

The biggest threat to my little oasis seems to be baby raccoons and Japanese Beetles. Oh, the baby coons are so cute but they are such curious little furballs and get into everything. They strip the leaves off our tiny ginkgo, pull the peppers from the plants and they love to dig holes everywhere ..oh did I mention pot tipping? Every morning I’m not sure what mess I’ll wake to but it’s still worth it having the wildlife. I’m surprised how many people haven’t seen a raccoon, groundhog, chipmunk or opossum in person. Now the Japanese Beetles are a bit of wildlife I could do without. What type of animal eats them? I’ll take two.

I’m still creating more beds. This is my new coral bell bed/mini hosta bed.

I’m so loving these dwarf/mini hostas but they don’t last long if there are earwigs or slugs around. I was thinking of setting out beer traps, but liquor and raccoons sounds like a bad combo. I also have gotten a few large hosta from a collector the split his. I’m not sure the area I have ready receives too much sunlight, so how silly is this; I purchased some shade cloth. Shade cloth tents, oodles of plants still sitting in containers. At any moment I expect the city to fine me for running a nursery in a residential area.

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