Friday, November 16, 2007

Doing a little rain dance

Tue 10 Oct 2006

Last year we experienced a horrible drought but this summer has been just as bad, if not worse. The drought appears to be isolated since neighboring communities seem to get rain fall. We hear about it. Sometimes we even drive in it, but as we make it up our driveway - no moisture. Plants are stressed, lawn looks terrible and our water bill has been huge.

We’ve lost a few trees and I’m worried about others dying from the lack of rain but not sure what we can do. When I’m dragging the hose around there are so many things that need the drink it’s hard to determine who gets what. For once I almost wish I had a smaller yard so that I could spoil all, instead of picking & choosing.

Pathetic back lawn:

One area that is neglected is the back portion of our yard and ravine hillside. It was lush & green, covered with plants. Now the drought has killed most of the vegetation, exposing the soil. This spring when we did see big (damaging for us) rain, a lot of the soil washed away exposing concrete pieces that had been dumped by previous owners. So now we have a ugly, jagged hillside and the threat of more erosion. I would plant groundcovers on the hillside if I didn’t need rock climbing gear to place them & water them. I’m hoping for a wet winter.

Concrete rearing its ugly head:

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