Friday, November 16, 2007

Fall Foliage

Thu 16 Nov 2006

The trees and shrubs in our yard are only a few years old so they are rather dinky, but they still offer a little fall color. Because the area had an early freeze it seems that most of the fall foliage dropped off, instead of showing off. The Ginkgo tree’s foliage didn’t turn golden and the Amur maple leaves dropped just as quick. Sedums turned to mush and the grasses went to a dull dead color, but the plumes are nice to look at.

flame grass with barberry in background

ninebark with aster

If I had a clean slate to work with I would definitely add more conifers & evergreens to the landscape. I love the contrasting shades of gray, green & blue foliage. In the summer they seem to tie everything together and in the winter they look great with the snow. Only dislike is having to run out there with a rake to knock off the heavy, wet snows from the branches.

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