Friday, November 16, 2007

Garden Design

Mon 13 Nov 2006

…..or lack there of. With the cold moths of winter approaching on so many of us, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about future garden beds. I’m amazed of how some people go all out with the landscape software and laid out (paint by number) garden plans. So now that I’ve almost filled my yard completely, I’m starting to read what the gardening experts have to say. lol Seems I have been going at it all wrong.

One of the first “rules” (if not the first) is to never buy plants on clearance because you usually end up buying stuff you really don’t need, don’t have a place for and will end up with a crummy, half dead plant. Been there, done that. Sometimes plants will sit in their containers for weeks until I find the perfect spot, but they always find a home.

I admit that I am big dreamer, but not much of a planner. Can I suggest there be a new element to garden design? Maybe a plan ..oo X that. Well, like there is a crazy quilt pattern, there should be a mish mash garden design. “Rules” are that you must rescue half-dead unmarked plants, buy clearance, plant them wherever you want, and realize that nothing is set in stone. Many times I have to get to know the plants before I know where there final destination will be. Yes, I’m a plant rearranger! No amount of info on a tag is going to tell you the perfect location in your own garden, or certain color combinations that you will fall in love with in the future.

I guess that’s why I call myself a Plant Collector, not a garden designer. Did you plan your garden?

Now I have to figure out where I am going to plant the trees I bought from ebay…..

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