Friday, November 16, 2007

Japanese Maples

Fri 17 Nov 2006

The last order of Japanese Maples came today by USPS. I was so surprised to see how large the boxes were that I almost felt bad for our mail lady. The trees arrived in great shape and I can’t help be tickled because I really thought I would get 10 inch sticks bundled up in one package. Once planted the smallest tree ( Japanese Maple Tamukeyama) was around 3 feet tall and the tallest trees ( Japanese Maple Orange Dream) were over 5 feet. The size and health of the trees really made me feel so much better about the purchase. I’m embarrassed to admit it was a combination of a full moon & a coupon that made the shopping spree ever happen.

Luckily for me, the weather wasn’t that bad so I was able to plant them right away. I had to lay chicken wire down on the surface just incase the nursery feeds their plants with bone meal. I’ve learned the hard way that critters love to scratch a new rootball to pieces. I had an old bag of mulch around so I think they should be good for the winter. I’ll probably have to water them for a few weeks but we seem to be getting enough moisture.

One of the Japanese Maple Orange Dream will be planted near my future coral bed garden. The others were planted wherever I could find space. I really hope we move next summer before the trees grow to large, because I would like to take them with.

I’ve heard that plants find it difficult to grow under Japanese Maples. Does anyone find this to be true?

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