Friday, November 16, 2007

Knockout Rose

Thu 5 Oct 2006

This spring I fell for a rose in a gallon pot (Lowes) that was labeled ‘Knockout Rose’. Even without a bloom on it I decided to buy it, because with that kind of name - it must be spectacular! Ok, so it was really cheap with a blue dot. When I got home I did a bit of googling. Keep in mind the best looking pictures of the Knockout Roses are from places that are trying to sell them. The .edu sites and personal pages are what I really wanted to look at. Sure enough, the sucker blooms look nothing better than your regular wild rose that the birds crap all over the place.

Now I see locally the roses are all over, like every nursery got a semi shipment of these little beauties, but can’t seem to sell them. Yeah, maybe because they are blooming. :) This morning Parks sends me an announcement that if I order now I’ll get a free ‘Knockout Rose’. I guess that’s one way to get rid of them.

Meanwhile I have mine planted next to a blue conifer. I’m hoping the two colors will compliment each other even if the blooms are so-so. I hope that in a year or so I actually find some wonderful qualities to the plant or it will be shucked in the compost.

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