Friday, November 16, 2007

On the road again

Fri 22 Sep 2006

Brugs are back in the wagon making their trip across the yard to their stations.

The frost didn’t come (Yeahhhh) and I’m hoping that I have a few more weeks to enjoy these wonderful fragrant blooms. Once the frost hits I’ll have to severely cut the brugs back so that I can fit them into the house.

Triple Yellow Datura

Fri 22 Sep 2006

That means its almost time to root cuttings. I’ll get a list of the brugmansia I have for trades. {{hint, hint}} I’m also planning on taking in a lot of other cuttings this fall since I had such good luck with the Japanese maple cuttings last fall.

Today is the last day of summer {{sobbing}} Can’t say it was the best year for the garden, but I’m not ready for winter to settle in yet. Make not to self: move to warmer zone.

Passion Flower

Spoon Daisy

My fall order from Gilbert H. Wild and Son came today via UPS.
Daylily - Love Those Eyes = Custard Candy replacement, BLAH!
Daylily - Betty Davis Eyes
Daylily - Hush Little Baby
Daylily - Prairie Night
Daylily - Putting it Mildly
Daylily - Big Apple
Daylily - Big Blue
Daylily - Charles Johnson
Daylily - Grand National
Daylily - Island Holiday
Daylily - Toyland
Daylily - Raindrop

I can’t wait to see them bloom next season.

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