Friday, November 16, 2007

Rock Island Horticulture Club Sale

Mon 2 Oct 2006

The Quad Cities is experiencing beautiful, warmer than average weather. By noon it was actually hot in the garden, but I would much rather have the heat than the cold. I finished the last perennial bed of the year by adding a few finishing touches that I bought last weekend from Rock Island Horticulture Club fall plant sale. My new additions included: two asters, two astilbe, a purple coneflower ( I know. Like I need another one, but this one was different) Joan Senior Daylily, Ruby Stella Daylily and a Rudbeckia.

We wanted to find the perfect rose for my missy bed, so we went to Wallace’s in Bettendorf to look at their rose selection. We found a rose called Hot Cocoa that we both loved. It’s a gorgeous, silky color of deep red/brown. I guess it’s a rose that has to be appreciated in person, because I can’t find the words to do it justice.

I’ve started taking in geranium & Passion Flower cuttings. The brugs are still blooming like mad so I haven’t wanted to start chopping at them yet. I have plans to trade for other brug cuttings but I’m not sure where I’ll be propagating all these plants.

Oh! Sent out seed samples today to cnith, sweetorange and ecross1983.

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