Friday, November 16, 2007

Sadness and Relief

Wed 3 Jan 2007

I wonder how many families had taken refuge under the large leaves during a hot summer day, or how much wildlife called it home. The old Catalpa tree came down today.

There have been plenty of sleepless nights over the past few months when the wind would cause the tree to creak and groan. As much as I am a tree hugger, I’m not keen on a catalpa tree being a guest in my home. It has rotted at the base so much we could see through the tree and yet it still covered our yard with blossoms last summer. Plants are amazing survivalists.

Come Spring I’ll have to plant a couple trees in its honor. Right now I’m wondering what my ferns will think when they wake up to sunshine.

One thing is consistent: like life, gardens never remain the same.

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