Friday, November 16, 2007

Snake House

Thu 3 May 2007

We have a snake living in one of our birdhouses. Kind of cute, I guess.

I’ve been busy planting as much as I can, ignoring that in 2005 we had temps in the 20 & 30’s. It’s easy to get ahead of myself with the warm temps we’ve had.

I bought a few plants at the Rock Island Horticulture plant sale last weekend. It was one of those times when I went in thinking that I really didn’t need anything, but left needing a uhaul. Ugh, my family’s packrat tendencies are not in my home, but they sure show up in the garden. Now I’m lugging pots of stuff in and out the garage until I find space.

I’m hardening off the flats of flowers I started from seed and digging up volunteer plants that have self seed. I can’t kill them knowing somebody out there is actually buying the same thing. I’m going to give them to a plant sale or send them off in ginny’s package. Yeah, I haven’t done that yet. {{{blush}}}

I was notified by a nursery that they are sending the lilacs I ordered last fall. huh? Must have been a full moon. Otherwise I have been very good with the online spending. After the rest of the local plant sales are over I won’t be purchasing anything more for the garden. Now trading is another story.

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