Friday, November 16, 2007

Triple Chin Baby

Tue 14 Nov 2006

Boots wasn’t an outdoor cat but occasionally we would let him go outside while we were in the garden. He loved to supervise, sniff the fresh air and chew any long strands of grass that the mower missed. He could spend hours under the lilac bushes waiting for any little movement from the vole clan that had taken up residency.

He was 12 years old which doesn’t seem old enough for a cat, but being wild & deemed unadoptable from the pound, I suppose he had 12 good years longer than expected. He was a talker that loved attention, kissies, warm water and of course, his bowl of crunchies.

Now he will be laid to rest in the flower garden.

da booties, da booties

1994 - 2006

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