Friday, November 16, 2007

You can call him Harry

Wed 25 Apr 2007

So my little squirrel loves to pose, right? While gardening, I’ll often look over to see him in the most adorable spot. Sitting on a rock, peaking out of some flowers or begging with those cute brown eyes. I thought I would take advantage of his adorable self & shoot a few pics.

It turns out he is also one of the most uncooperative animals I have ever photographed.

But he is magical. Not only can he levitate his body, but he can also make a 2lb bag of peanuts disappear. I’ve changed his name to Houdini.


Weather here is wonderful. :) Yeah, it’s raining and it’s awesome. I was afraid I would have to gripe about a drought since we were 2 inches short for rainfall, but it’s been raining buckets. This is exactly what all my plants need. I bet the hostas will really start to come up once they get this needed drink.

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