Friday, March 21, 2008

Audubon Workshop Free Coupon

Last fall Audubon Workshop sent me a coupon for $25, no strings attached so I ordered mealworms and a coconut suet bird feeder. Today my order came!! :) I can't wait to see how the catbird enjoys these mealworms. They are dried, fried (?) ..well, they are dead. I'm not sure if that will be appetizing when she's use to me feeding her live bugs. I think I should probably move them from the kitchen counter incase Cliff gets the munchies. It really is such a cute little bag. Looks like organic chips bag you would find at the health food store.

The suet coconut bird feeder is basically a disposable suet feeder but it looks promising. I'm going to hang it in the cherry tree tomorrow morning & see if anyone comes to it. Of course I'll have to take it in at night or the raccoons will carry it off. I noticed they (raccoons) ate the last of my lily bulbs. A huge whole is left, so on the upside I guess I have room to plant something there. At least I have a few photos of the flowers.

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