Monday, March 24, 2008

Delayed Maintenance

This afternoon turned out to be pretty despite the chilly morning. I took my camera looking for anything to shoot. Earlier the nuthatch was dive bombing me for attention but when I have the camera she disappears.

I noticed a lot of delayed maintenance in the yard. I'm not sure what happened to this birdhouse but it's missing pieces. I'll need to take it down to fix it because it is a favorite of mine. We bought several of them from an estate sale. The sellers were taking them down from their posts and selling the lot of them before the new buyers of the house moved in. The man that had passed away made them. I thought it was rather sad, but I was happy to give them a home. Not a very good one apparently. I'm so ashamed. lol Note to self: fix that!!

Ed, my indoor kitty, went for a stroll with me. He found the catmint.

This is the only wildlife that I found in the garden.

Now I have to go shampoo my two pups because they rolled in something absolutely disgusting & smelly.

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