Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Move

The blog moved, I didn't but what a headache! So here I am. Aug. was the last time I posted. Wow, I can't believe that. Well, a lot has happened as it should.

I got two beagle puppies last fall that ended up being two very sick puppies. After a lot of money and heartache they finally are better and are able to eat without being ill. My bad, I actually bought them from a pet store so there is a good chance they were from a puppy mill. I know, I know I should have went to a shelter. What can I say? I wasn't actually looking for a dog but then I saw one & fell in love. Her sister was attached to tail (literally hanging from the other dog when I picked her up) so I figured I needed them both. Crazy idea because I totally forgot that the cost of food & vet bills will now be x 2. Oh well, we really didn't need that new car.

Since I have new, rowdy puppies I'm giving up a lot..well, yes a lot but really a city lot of our yard. They need a place to run and I have too many plants that are toxic to chewers so I'll be moving my garden once it's safe to do so. Now the rest of our yard will be down to a single path & the rest gardens.

So I have to combine 100's of plants that I have in the dogs yard-to be and try to come up with space for all the seeds I've started. I've tried to stick with veggies this year and maybe a few flowers. I started 6 different kinds of tomatoes & 6 peppers. I would love to do more but no space. We're going to get a deep freeze so I can start freezing more.

I'm really excited that its almost spring!! Can't wait to see green.


  1. Sounds like your garden has really gone to the dogs :o)


  2. Hi Don!

    Yes, lol yes I guess it has but they are worth it. It's good to hear from you again. I need to get back into this. :)


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