Saturday, March 29, 2008

QC Master Gardeners' Perennial Plant Sale

First plant sale that I've noticed in the paper: QC Master Gardeners' perennial plant sale that supports gardening programs. Plants are $12 and will be delivered fresh from Sunnyfield Greenhouse and Gardens. Plants can be picked up at Rock Island County Extension parking lot from 9 am - 2 pm May 10.

Quad Cities Master Gardeners are offering 3 plants for sale but you have to order by Sunday March 30. Tomorrow! Here are the 1 gallon plants that are offered.

MISCANTHUS s. 'Morning Light'

GERANIUM 'Rozanne'

HEUCHERA 'Citronelle'

Order yours:
QC Master Gardeners' Perennial Plant Sale

It was a tough decision but I decided to go with the HEUCHERA 'Citronelle'. I've had the MISCANTHUS s. 'Morning Light' before and although it is a gorgeous grass, it didn't overwinter for me well.

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