Friday, March 28, 2008

Quad Cities Rock Parties

Hey Rock Lovers!

This is quoted from the Mar-Qui pamphlet they gave away during the Quad Cities Flower & Garden Show.

Schedule a Rock Party

Invite your friends for a unique and fun event at your location.

You receive 10% commission in product. Invite 25+ adults and receive a complimentary $50 Sponge Boulder. (now if their terms change don't get mad at me. this is current at 9/28/08)

We bring:

~ 10,000- 20,000 lbs of colorful, decorative boulders in all price ranges
~ Driftwood
~ Driftwood Planters
~ Feather Rock Planters
~ Stepping Stones
~ Rock Collections

We handle all deliveries for your guests at no charge.

Fun, fun, fun! I've bought a few beauties from them, including this one I got at the show.

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