Monday, March 31, 2008


This morning thunderstorms are beating down on the Quad Cities and it sounds wonderful. I think this is the best storm we've had in a long time. Perfect mix of spring warmth, rain and boomers. Another noise that started last night was the catbird announcing she was back by singing all night long. I saw two of them flitting around in the tree so maybe this year she will have babies. As soon as it stops raining a bit I'm going to introduce the mealworms to her although I still don't think she'll find a dehydrated worm appealing. Maybe they will puff once they get soaked by the rain. :)

I find it amazing how a good rain seems to green everything up overnight. Our muddy swamp is starting to look like lawn again and the green of the perennials are starting to emerge.

Bailey (beagle one) seems to be getting over her twisted ankle. Last outing she got a little too rambunctious and somehow hurt herself while chasing her sister. We had a three legged dog limping around for a day until we decided we had better take her to the vet. After being told to keep her off her feet for awhile and given some medication, I was wondering how we would manage. Apparently, Bailey was in so much pain she didn't mind being a couch potato for the week. To the dismay of her rowdy sister that tried to egg her on Bailey had no problem being spoiled and playing the the drama queen when anyone else tried to get on her couch. This morning she's walking fine and has even started her favorite pastime; taking cardboard boxes out of the recycle bin.

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