Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rock Island Horticulture Club

or perhaps I should say Rock Island Horrorticulture Club?  One of the many things I have learned about gardeners is just because you love gardening doesn't mean you're necessarily a wildlife lover, nor does it mean you're exempt from moronic behavior.  This morning I was excited to attend the Rock Island Horticulture Club spring sale but soon I was an unwilling audience member to barbaric and inappropriate behavior.  A bucket containing two mice was dumped onto the entrance and a dog was gleefully allowed to playfully, slaughter the animals.

Now I understand that mice cause havoc in a greenhouse but the disposal was so inappropriate!! News flash - torturing and killing small animals at the only entrance/exit isn't usually good for business.  The lady in front of me had to look away in disgust & she made a comment about the poor mice.  I can honestly say that the Rock Island Horticulture Club has lost at least two long standing customers.

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