Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Garden Cat

Since we've been at this house we've had garden cat. These cats are wild. Probably dumped by their owners or abused until they run off. They are quiet observers and often go without a name. The current garden cat has been with us 7 years. I guess I call him Sweetie sometimes but its been more of a generic greeting I say to everyone, not a name. The cat won't let anyone within a foot of it, and often ducks for cover like it expects us to throw something. It doesn't trust us, but he follows me around the garden. He probably wonders who I am talking to since I talk to everything in the garden; plants, bees, might as well add a cat to the list.

Unfortunately, through the years our garden cat will disappear and we'll know that it probably victim to one of the busy streets or who knows. Then another cat will appear. We've never had more than one at a time and I always think its funny that one is prepared to fill the position so quickly. I know what you're thinking, there are tons of strays everywhere! We've had strays come & go and its not the same as these quiet souls that visit the garden. They aren't hunting, taking a poo in my flower beds or begging for food. Does it sound stupid that I feel like its a soul that is suppose to be close to me, but takes many forms in different cats? Yep, as I write it, it sounds silly, but that's the way it feels.

In other news, another bed is finished. Looks kind of puney but it should start to fill in nicely next year. Yes, that's a stump I threw in there. I want to do something artsy with it. My MIL asked me if I expected it to grow. Towards the left (tied to a post) is my mini ginkgo that has been sickly since planting it this spring. He did much better in the house. I'm hoping the new location will be more to his liking.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story about the stray cats in your garden and life. There are 2 stray cats in my garden at the mo. Both are entire males but they don't fight each other to my big relief. I had a stray kitten in my garden a few years ago, she came on my birthday so her name is Present and she now lives with me. A couple of months later her mother, Surprise, also came to live with me.

    Cats and gardens, they go so well together!

  2. I've got a black garden cat too. He's kind of wild though friendly enough to me. I've named him MrBlackThumb.

    Having a garden cat that lives outdoors is stressful. Everytime I see a black cat that has fallen victim to traffic my heart sinks and I worry until the next time I see MrBlackThumb

  3. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your own garden kitty stories. Having an garden kitty is stressful and I think that's why I don't always name them. lol Like, if I name them then I will be too attached. Its very tough life for them.


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