Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know there are good kids out there. I have heard stories so I think they exist but yesterday we were visited by three little monsters ages 10, 8 & 3.

It was late when dh came home, almost dark but he was able to make out three little bodies dancing about my hosta garden. So after he grabs our mail & his cell phone from the car, he walks back to ask them why they are in our yard. They lost a puppy they say but they continue to climb the fence & jump all over our landscaped beds. You need to leave, he says.

So he opens the gate of our fence and helps the little one down the slope and the other two follow. "Thanks Sir", the little monsters say repeatedly as the scamper down the street. Dh turns around to see that his cell phone is gone. He had put it down with our mail when he unlatched the gate for the kids. He turned his back for only a few seconds when he had helped the youngest through the gate. Had they taken it?!?

He bolts after them and demands, who took my phone. All of them deny it over & over. Dh told them to check their pockets and the 8 year old boy pulls out the phone. He says, "Oh look. I guess it is in here."

Later I noticed a few things missing so I wish he would have demanded they check their pockets a little harder. I have small collections of rocks, crystals and insulators that I have clustered around the yard. I think some of them are missing but maybe they just relocated them. I expect those kids will be back though. Meanwhile there is one more lock on our gate to make sure the puppy area isn't opened. I wouldn't want to lose my dogs. :(

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