Monday, May 4, 2009

Things Are Pop'N

Outside things are really looking beautiful.

Indoors, not so much. I think I'm growing the most pathetic tomato plants ever. They stayed in jiffy plugs too long & when they finally got potted up they were half dead. Really. I'm embarrassed so I will spare a pic. I'm hoping they will perk up now that they were potted and given more light. I'll be kicking their little butts outside after the 15th. I hope they make it because I doubt I'll find any of the plants I want by then.

The plant sales are on and I haven't attended one of them yet. Sick with the flu for the last two weeks but I'm hoping maybe by this weekend I'll feel like going to a few local garden sales.

It's great to be back blogging! :)


  1. Your hosta is looking good! As for tomato plants, if they don't look good, it helps to lie them down and cover a half of a stem with soil. I stopped growing them from seeds, but I remember how my Mom did. Sometimes, she wasn't happy with her leggy weak plants, but they always did good after moving into the garden. Put them horisontally, give them a lot of water, cover with soil. Good luck!

  2. Well I hope your tomato plants perk up and make it and also that you'll be feeling better soon.

  3. Welcome back. Nice pictures. Love the raccoon.


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