Monday, January 18, 2010

Chunky Squirrels

I feed the squirrels.  I feed them well.  Maybe too well.  They seem to be a little over weight, but boy are they cute.  I almost forgive them for eating all my lily bulbs last summer.


  1. Your little plump squirrels are really cute. I feed my squirrels too, but they are not that plump. I have the red squirrels on one side of my yard , and gray, or silver, squirrels on the the side. I love my wild life. We have deer and wild turkey, mountain lions, plus many more, and they are all welcome here.
    PS; I love your web site!

  2. Hi John! Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure how I would feel about mountain lions! That must be something. I'm happy to hear you're a wildlife lover too. :)


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