Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sempervivum - Hens and Chicks

Last year I divided my sempervivum so they weren't so compact.  I gave away boxes, and boxes of them and then I planted some in containers around the yard.  I'm not sure how they will do overwinter, but last summer the semps (sempervivum) in tubs did very well.  I had planted them sparely and by the end of the season the top of the tubs were covered with the colorful succulents.

Now they are covered with snow so I haven't been able to see how they've fared.

I like the idea of being able to grow them year round in containers because maybe I'll actually be able to keep some around the patio.

Raccoons and squirells love these as much as I do.  They love to flip them over and chew them.  They propagate them accidently while making them look like crap.  They love to switch their name tags around so I have no idea what I am growing.  At one time I had over 80 different sempervivum, now only a hand full are labeled, but even without their names they sure are interesting.

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  1. Agree this is a wonderful plant.

    It can be used as a ground cover if you do not have animal issues.

    They can be used to adorn garden ornaments, Living wreaths for your door. That can add to winter interest since this is a plant that loves cold. It is a plant that if you try to grow inside it will not survive.


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