Monday, February 1, 2010

Perilla Fantasy is Fabulous

If you've grown Perilla in your garden before you might be hesitant to ever add another plant by the same name. I love Perilla but it can be a self-seeding thug in my zone. I've seen gardens taken over by the purple masses. Although, I think its pretty easy to hoe away or pull seedlings, my mom has never stopped cursing "that weed" I brought into my garden.

Perilla Fantasy hasn't been the same nuisance (I wish). I'm not sure if the plant was bred to be sterile but it has never has gone to seed in my garden. This means that every spring I fork out cash for a snobby little annual but, oh it's worth it!

Perilla Fantasy has beautiful color that is prettier than any Coleous I've grown and it handles the heat & full sun. I use them in pots and I plant them directly in the ground. Burpee sells this gem for $16.75 Burpee (3 pack). The plants grow so quickly and can be pinched back so they become even fuller. Since I start so many annuals from seed it really has to be a special little hybrid for me to spend money on one. This one is worth it!


  1. I love perilla too.
    I'm excited to find an active blogger nearby.
    I'm in chadwick IL!

  2. lol not very active with the blogging but thanks! I'm going to try once again to keep this up. Nice to meet you!


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